Schelling Anlagenbau GmbH, Schwarzach

Renewal of the technical centre - more efficiency and more comfort for the operations building.

The goal:

  • Largely dispenses with fossil fuels with a low-temperature system by employing air source heat pumps
  • Renewal of the air compressors 
  • Heat recovery from the compressors 
  • Utilisation of the waste heat for heating and hot water
  • More comfort thanks to the supply of fresh air in the production halls

Our solution:

  • New heating system with gas condensing boilers to cover peak loads
  • Supply and exhaust air systems with heat recovery in the production halls
  • Use of waste heat from the air compressors
  • Integrated refrigerant dryer in the compressors
  • Generation of heat and cold through the use of several heat pumps
  • The installation meets the eligibility criteria of Kommunalkredit Public Consulting (KPC). KPC will subsidise up to 30% of the investment costs of energy efficiency measures in production plants
  • Storage of waste heat in the heating buffer, which is also used for the air source heat pump

The data:

  • The heating load is reduced by half
  • Replacing the compressors amortises within 9.08 years - followed by 64% savings in compressor operating costs
  • The heating system amortises within 5.34 years - followed by 79% savings in operating costs for heating
  • CO2savings of 36 tonnes/year as a result of compressor replacement
  • CO2savings of 892 tonnes/year as a result of the new heating
  • CO2overall savings of 928 tonnes/year

Your contact person

Gerfried Kreuzberger

Gerfried Kreuzberger

Head of Project Management

E-Mail: Tel.: +43 (0)5574 85444-27 vCard

Your contact person

Hubert Rädler

Hubert Rädler

Managing Director & Head of Sales

E-Mail: Tel.: +43 (0)5574 85444-62 vCard

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Schelling Anlagenbau GmbH, Schwarzach
Schelling Anlagenbau GmbH, Schwarzach