Prefabrication Plant Construction

The advantage of our prefabrication is that we can manufacture plant components at our own site under controlled conditions. This means there is no need for improvisation at the installation site, as well as excellent product quality, certified welding work, fast assembly times and consequently short downtimes of the producing plants at the customer’s site, precisely calculable time and production schedules, accident prevention and much more.

Wir liefern bei jedem Projekt aufs Neue eine 100%  individualisierte Anlage für unsere Kunden aus der Verpackungs-, Lebensmittel-,  oder Pharmaindustrie. These sectors demand the highest precision and quality standards. By means of carrying out a complete regional survey or through the use of modern surveying methods such as a 3D laser scanner, we can generate an exact digital image of the spatial conditions and thus guarantee a precise fit and collision-free assembly. 

It is even possible to simulate the introduction of different components on the model, allowing the maximum possible size of the individual components to be determined. Once created, the points cloud generated by the 3D scanner serves as our planning basis. 

This enables us to attain a degree of prefabrication of up to 80% for our projects.


Prefabrication Energy Plants

Depending on customer requirements, energy plants that are ready for connection and operation are installed in sea freight containers of 40 ft (12m) or 20 ft (6m). All units are electrically connected and are supplied complete with control technology. Given the limited amount of space that is available in such a project, 3D planning promises an optimal use of space.


  • Rapid installation on site in order to speed up production
  • The “heart” of the system is ready for operation from a single source
  • Time saving assembly on site, resulting from our factory prefabrication
  • No conventional heating plant or machinery required
  • No scheduling problems on site
  • The energy plant can also be used at other locations
  • Easy transport of the containers

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