Corporate Philosophy

Intemann has over 100 years of experience specialising in highly efficient energy concepts.

In addition to the classical installation technology for heating, plumbing and ventilation systems, our company specialises in the construction of pipeline systems and industrial equipment. International companies with worldwide manufacturing facilities for various industries such as packaging, food, textile and heavy industries rely on our know-how. This also applies to matters relating to energy recovery, increasing the efficiency of their installations and equipment, the use of renewable energy sources and the optimisation of control and regulation systems. The industrial sectors of our prestigious clients may be diverse but our goal is always the same: a successful, sustainable solution for the customer.


The Intemann leadership team is made up of a number of specialists, each highly competent in his or her own field and together they represent a cumulative intersection of competence, innovation and industry expertise.

“Together we are ready to meet any challenge. And together we work for you.”
From left to right: Oliver Mangeng - Managing Director, Human Resources Manager, Installation Manager, Marco Kühne - Technical Sales, Markus Intemann - Managing Director and Marketing Manager, Alexandra Leipold - Head of Accounting and Authorised Signatory, Hubert Rädler - Managing Director, Sales Director, Gerfried Kreuzberger - Head of Project Management