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Heating/steam/air-conditioning technology - the latest air conditioning solutions, germ-free and fit for the future, renovation without interrupting operation.

The goal:

In the course of the renovation work, the complete heating system in the 1st and 2nd basement will be renovated without interrupting operation.

This project involves a steam system, pure steam generation, hot water generation, renewal of the heating system, general renovation of the inpatient wing and part of the ventilation systems. 

Our solution:

  • A temporary high-speed steam generator and approx.  4,000 m of provisionally laid PE hoses ensure ongoing operation
  • Hot water preparation and heating supply is effected via a plate heat exchanger station using steam
  • The heating and sanitary pipe network has been replaced by high-quality, hygienic stainless steel piping
  • Installation of a central ventilation unit with a total air flow rate of 80,000 m3/h
  • All air-handling units now have heat recovery with an efficiency of 75%, two-stage F7/F9 filters, heater, cooler and in some cases steam humidification
  • The new outpatient clinic will be equipped with a ventilation system with sound absorbers, fire dampers and volume flow controllers 

The data:

  • 2 x Viessmann steam boilers with OWPS system (operation without permanent supervision), steam output 1,200 kg/h per unit
  • 2 x Viessmann + Economizer hot water boilers, fuel thermal output 1,900 kW per unit
  • Sanitary installation for 270 beds
  • Pure steam generator with a steam output of 1,300 kg/h
  • Water conditioner for steam, heating and sanitary installations
  • Air conditioning system with a total volume flow rate of 80,000 m³/h

Your contact person

Gerfried Kreuzberger

Gerfried Kreuzberger

Head of Project Management

E-Mail: Tel.: +43 (0)5574 85444-27 vCard

Your contact person

Hubert Rädler

Hubert Rädler

Managing Director & Head of Sales

E-Mail: Tel.: +43 (0)5574 85444-62 vCard

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