Engie Refrigeration GmbH, Lindau

Wood chip plant and remediation - recycling of scrap wood generated on site.

The goal:

  • Thermal energy generation for the new administration and production building via in-house heat pumps
  • Heating and cooling using heat pumps
  • The system runs completely independent of the outside temperature 
  • Construction of the sanitary facilities for the four-storey building

Our solution:

  • 2 brine/water heat pumps for 2 independent heating circuits
  • Heating by means of a low temperature system
  • Geothermal use for the entire heating requirement and for cooling the offices
  • The ground floor is heated by means of an industrial floor heating system
  • The temperature in the offices is regulated via ceiling heating and cooling surfaces
  • Buffer storage tanks are installed for the heat pump system
  • The distribution system supplies both heating circuits by means of differential pressure controlled pumps
  • Free cooling operation in summer is made possible by a separate plate heat exchanger with pump groups
  • Roof drainage is achieved using an efficient Geberit Pluvia system

The data:

  • 2 speed-regulated cold water heat pumps with 167 kW each
  • Heating circuit 1 for 1,240 m2
  • Heating circuit 2 for 2,895 m2
  • Evaporator with a volume flow rate of 40.6 m3/h
  • Condenser with a volume flow rate of 14.5 m3/h

Your contact person

Gerfried Kreuzberger

Gerfried Kreuzberger

Head of Project Management

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Hubert Rädler

Hubert Rädler

Managing Director & Head of Sales

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