DMG Mori, Winterthur

Perfectly air-conditioned working and presentation rooms - achieved using groundwater heat pumps and heating/cooling ceilings.

The goal:

  • Air conditioning of all offices, restaurants, meeting and training rooms
  • Air conditioning of the measuring room
  • Air conditioning of the exhibition hall

Our solution:

  • Cooling and heating supply by means of ground water heat pumps
  • Approx. 5,000 m² of heating/cooling ceilings have been installed in offices, restaurants, meeting and training rooms for pleasant heating and cooling
  • 9 ventilation systems are additionally supplied with heating and cooling energy
  • The total cooling energy of the building is obtained purely from the existing groundwater well in free cooling operation
  • The exhibition hall is heated and cooled by concrete core cooling
  • The measuring room is air-conditioned with an air-cooled water chiller with a cooling capacity of 60 kW via a ventilation system

The data:

  • Total heating capacity 460 kW
  • Total cooling capacity 424 kW

Your contact person

Gerfried Kreuzberger

Gerfried Kreuzberger

Head of Project Management

E-Mail: Tel.: +43 (0)5574 85444-27 vCard

Your contact person

Hubert Rädler

Hubert Rädler

Managing Director & Head of Sales

E-Mail: Tel.: +43 (0)5574 85444-62 vCard

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