Biostrom Häusle, Lustenau

Biomass combined cooling, heat and power on a waste wood basis - clean and natural heat.

The goal:

  • Thermally efficient and economically viable use of waste wood for electricity, heating and cooling
  • Assuring the high continuous electricity demand of an industrial customer located close to the site
  • Extremely high demands on the furnace and the thermal oil boiler, as waste wood leads to slagging
  • Comprehensive fuel preparation with effective separation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as impurities
  • Exceptionally strict emission limits as specified in the EU Directive 2000/76/EC require the use of highly efficient flue gas cleaning, combined with optimised primary measures for choking and complete burnout of the flue gas

Our solution:

  • The supplied waste wood is first subjected to multi-stage processing
  • Furnace specially designed for waste wood to ensure environmentally friendly incineration of the waste wood
  • The thermal energy is transferred via a thermal oil circuit to the electricity generating unit, the ORC process
  • The thermal energy is converted into electricity using a two-stage, slow-running axial turbine
  • The remaining thermal energy is fed into the district heating circuit at the ORC condenser and used as driving energy for the nearby low-temperature absorption cooling machine for cooling

The data:

  • Fuel thermal output of the furnace 7,800 kW
  • Nominal output of the thermal oil boiler and thermal oil ECO 6,200 kW
  • Nominal output of the warm water economiser 1,000 kW
  • Available effective thermal output 5,800 kW
  • Net electrical output ORC 1,100 kW
  • Thermal drive power of the absorption cooling machine 2,400 kW
  • Potential for future expansion of the district and process heating system 2,600 kW
  • Heat generated from biomass 43,500 MWh/a
  • Electricity generated from biomass 8,200 MWh/a
  • Cooling generated from biomass 18,000 MWh/a

Your contact person

Gerfried Kreuzberger

Gerfried Kreuzberger

Head of Project Management

E-Mail: Tel.: +43 (0)5574 85444-27 vCard

Your contact person

Hubert Rädler

Hubert Rädler

Managing Director & Head of Sales

E-Mail: Tel.: +43 (0)5574 85444-62 vCard

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