Installation and building services engineers trained in the Heating Engineering main module install and adjust heating systems.

Your know-how

  • Familiar with the heating systems and their functions
  • Knowledge of alternative methods of energy production (e.g. solar energy, heat pump)
  • Montieren, prüfen, warten und instand halten der Heizungsanlagen sowie der Regel- und Sicherheitseinrichtungen

Heating Engineering

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Bonuses for Good Performance

At Intemann, all our employees benefit from a successful business year!

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Apprenticeship Camp

We organise an annual apprentice camp where you and your colleagues can gain a lot of additional knowledge.

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In-house Apprenticeship Workshop

Our apprenticeship workshop is specifically designed to provide you with a sound training programme that offers many career options.

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Team building

Teamwork is an essential requirement for our exciting and extensive projects.